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The Bloomberg 50 names the “people who defined 2019,” including those from “finance to fashion and technology to trade.”

Su’s entry notes that AMD stock is up 90 percent in a year when it unveiled processors that challenge Intel’s in terms of price and performance, finally offering a credible alternative for consumers. It’s also noted how AMD got its 7-nanometer chips onto the market as Intel struggled with 10nm, and how Google, Microsoft, and Amazon were already using team red’s 7nm server chips.

AMD has been eroding Intel’s share of the CPU market since the launch of its Zen architecture two years ago, and customers are increasingly choosing Ryzen over Intel’s alternatives. A recent survey showed 60 percent of Europeans preferred AMD’s processors—a 50 percent jump over the last two years.

AMD’s popularity is showing in other areas, too. Eight of the top ten spots on Amazon’s list of best-selling processors in the US were taken by Ryzen CPUs recently; now, the company holds all ten positions. And, as noted by analysts and the Steam hardware surveys, it continues to chip away at Intel across the board.

It really is a boom time for AMD right now, while Intel’s troubles continue. Under Su’s leadership, expect the company’s meteoric rise to continue.

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A round of applause for shaking things up in this market previously stalled with mainstream quad-cores. Even die-hard Intel fanboys have to thank her for the lower prices in Intel products, look no further than the 50% discount between 9th and 10th gen HEDT CPU lineups.
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