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Aug 29, 2016
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  1. Hello. I have a strange thing happening when I am watching a Live stream on my Asus x553m laptop and using my HDMI cable to play it on my new LG tv. While the steam is playing ( I have subscriptions MLB, NBA and NHL it always happens when watching a live stream from one of them) the audio will play perfectly but the video will "stutter" for just a fraction of a second. Now this is where it gets even stranger..... On the MLB website it gives you an option to use the old viewer and when using it, it's fine, BUT it's only 3/4 screen (no function for full screen). To add to that problem, while watching other live sports (basketball and hockey) if the camera has to move quickly from one end to the other the picture is blurry AND it also does that in the older version of the MLB viewer (3/4 one that's mentioned above). I have tried projecting the picture on the tv to a smaller picture but have the same problem. I have compared it to my roku and it preforms perfect! Using the same HDMI cable on the same tv. I have updated everything on my computer with no joy. I have no idea what to do..... can someone please help me, im a sports junkie and my man cave is just not complete without out good picture quality for sports on my tv. Thanks in advance!! Hope all have a great day! Cheers
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    You are not alone. Google shows dozens of folks reporting issues and yet I could not find any 'solved' cases.

    There is support available at Customer Support toll-free number: 866-800-1275 (International callers can dial: 512-434-1542) Customer Support Hours: Monday - Saturday: 12pm -12 am ET Call when you have the problem happening...but in a dull stretch.

    My guess is that you have "bufferbloat" - high latency in packet-switched networks caused by excess buffering of packets. (also known as jitter)

    Could take a bunch of fiddling to get it 'better' - but to get it right you need Active Queue Management - I'm not sure what that takes - hopefully, @jobeard will check this and fill us in.

    Worth testing:
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    Thanks for the info cycloid, but unfortunately I have called tech support and they say it's a video card problem, because when I watch on my computer, not hooked up to the tv, none of what I said above happens. To be honest I find most tech support for big companies like that, just have a click on problem screen that they read from and the person your talking to really has no idea what's going on lol. Again thanks for the info, I really appreciate it!!
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    Do the tests anyway. Explore the differences between your TV display and your laptop screen (resolution, frequency, color depth, etc). Determine if there is an additional step in image processing in the TV (like DRM or 'zone control').

    Hypothesis: the TV is not optimal. Question: why? Do you need to change some parameter in order to get 'best'?
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    What does your CPU usage look like when it's playing fine and when it's not?
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