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Nov 9, 2008
  1. My computer started to do this wierd thing where it would load at the windows screen, then go to a blue screen, then restart.

    It tells me its shutting down to prevent memory loss, also tells me these numbers:

    0x0000007E (0xC0000006, 0x806A276D, 0xF789E6E8, 0xF789E3E4)

    Before this started Windows prompted me to download a service pack, It worked fine ulti about two days later.

    So I start the computer in safe mode and do system restore, that doesent work. I started again and did a virus scan and it wouldent let me. So after trying and trying I finally gave up, I had nothing i wanted on that hard drive, so I decided just to reinstall windows. I pop the CD in there, and it asks me if I want to repair, I tried that. Now it wont even let me run safe mode.

    I do boot from cd, but when it loads the CD i cant see anything but a blue screen, like it froze or my screen doesent load it.

    What should I do? I don't care if I have to erase everything on the hard drive, I just wanna know how I can use my computer again.

    tried running in safe mode, says it cant and it restarts
  2. sent12b

    sent12b TS Rookie Posts: 21

    check if your is running AMD processor???
    if so boot into safe mode with networking
    download and install servicepack
    while doing so run the following
    click ok (may be twice )
    then restart the computer
    you will boot up normally

    k in advanced options menu try the option "disable automatic restart on system failure "

    If that did not work

    Boot with the windows XP CD

    At "Welcome to setup screen" Press R

    Select the appropriate path for windows and press enter
    If it asks you for the administrator password, type the administrator password and
    press enter or just hit enter

    We will now see the Prompt c:\windows> or c:\>

    Type “chkdsk /r” and enter
    Once every thing is completed type “exit”

    Check if the computer boots to the desktop
  3. Sepulveda

    Sepulveda TS Rookie Topic Starter

    that doesent help
  4. kimsland

    kimsland Ex-TechSpotter Posts: 14,523

    Put the Windows CD in
    Once it has gone through the initial loading of drivers
    You will get to a point where you can remove the Partition
    Remove the Partition following the screen prompts
    And then continu setting up Windows

    That is all :)
  5. Sepulveda

    Sepulveda TS Rookie Topic Starter

    So I found this site

    and everything goes up to part 2 step 1, it loads part of the screen. It will load the top part, but till stop there. I cant see the text or writing. I tried pressing d, but nothing loads. I pressed f1 and something happens, then i press enter and it puts me back at that page.

    I popped out the battery inside the computer to see if that would help, not really.
  6. kimsland

    kimsland Ex-TechSpotter Posts: 14,523

    Huh! That's the page I always quote (it has Vista all versions as well )

    D should work, ie D then <enter> then L then <enter>

    If pressing "D" nothing happens, then you must have a faulty keyboard
    By the way, there is a Partition to delete isn't there?
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