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Local area network cable unplugged at random intervals

By Toshiba20
Mar 23, 2008
  1. I moved into a 4 family apartment and had my landlord hook up my Toshiba Windows 2000 laptop to his Lynksys wireless router that everyone in the house is using. He gave me a Lynksys USB wireless card also, which worked well. I was able to connect to the Internet with no problems.
    Last week I had the IT guy at my work hook up a remote desktop server to my computer, so I could access my work files from home. My work files are not wirelss. When I brought my computer home that night, I started it up and was on the Internet for about 1 minute when it kicked me offline and then the LAN computer icon on the bottom said "Network cable unplugged". Every minute or so the X's on the LAN computer icon go away and it says "plugged" again. This will last for about 10 seconds and then it becomes unplugged again. I think the IT guy changed a setting that kicked me off the wireless router, but don't know how to switch the settings back. Please help, I'm not sure if the IT guy even knows what he did.
  2. tonylukac

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    Software that accesses remote (sometimes mainframe) files often needs exceptions (changes) to the firewall. Your IT guy will either have to do it or give you the directions as to what to enable.
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