Local password restrictions on domain configuration

By kipale
May 20, 2010
  1. Hello world,

    I've been battling with a little Windows problem lately. I work in student union's office next to a big university and we get our hardware and licences free from the university. Most of our office is connected to the university domain so every user logs in with their domain username. But we also own another building a few blocks away and there's no VPN so that building isn't connected to the domain. We brought some of our computers there and of course couldn't login to them, but the university installed some local accounts on them so that's solved now. The problem now is that the university domain has ridiculous password restrictions and since everyone has to use the same username/password on the remote building's computers, I would really like to get rid of the passwords. How do I do that? The domain password restrictions seem to apply for local accounts as well, but how do I disable them?

    I got local admin account on the computers, I can't reinstall OS on them since we would lose the licences and also the university HelpDesk is helpless and doesn't care much of our problems. Ideas?
  2. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 11,170   +989

    Yea, they really are a pain and don't make it easy on the user.
    However, those restrictions are engineered to protect both the user AND the university.
    Almost 99% of the time, these are enabled from Microsoft guidelines and features (ie GPO's),
    so many institutions will implement them - - you are not alone nor victimized in this issue.

    You may not be aware that there are techniques to "hack" simplistic passwords and by
    hacking the right computer and user id, havoc can rain down upon the infrastructure such that literally, no one could graduate this term.

    Instead of being the mighty Oak, I suggest you become bendable like the Willow and just accept the rules of the university.

    hmm; seems that there might be a life lesson attached to this question ...
  3. raybay

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    Those passwords help you, too. The university folks can help you get rid of them with their master accounts, but would prefer to have the additional securiy.
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