Locating and restoring Deleted Items in Vista

By ElectricRay
Sep 6, 2008
  1. Having changed computers a couple of times and transported data over, the other day I used "DupDetector" to sort through and delete duplicate files.

    Dupdetector found and deleted 14,000 odd duplicates. Before pressing "empty deleted items" and losing literally gigs of family photos I wanted to doublecheck that it had done this correctly, by re-running the comparison between "My Pictures" and "Deleted Items".

    But dupdetector couldn't "see" the recycling bin to build an index in it. So I thought I would simply move all the deleted items into a separate folder it could see and run the comparison from there.

    I did this by ctrl-A selecting all items in the recycling bin and dragging them to the new folder.

    Weird thing is, they don't show up in the new folder - and they don't show up anymore in deleted items either. Have I somehow force deleted them without realising it?

    I suspect that VISTA is still treating the items as deleted (I didn't "restore to original location" - I just dragged) and that's why they're not showing - but they're not in deleted items either.

    To be clear I have not at any time "emptied" my deleted items folder so the files really ought to be somewhere.

    any thoughts?

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