Lock ups and time outs on a network night

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Hi all newbie on the lan gaming
Have: belkin five port gigabit switch
: five pc's 4 intel and 1 amd all nvidia cards 5900 5950 6600gt 8800gt 7600gt
Games:Unreal 2004 works great and swat four no prob
V8 Supercars Times out on the AMD - Any Ideas Please ?
Battlefield 2 Hangs on one intel machine so make that machine the server then the Amd gets kicked or just shut down whole game on that machine ?
Flatout 2 would not allow the amd machine to log on and when it could it would kick and or freeze and have to do a ctrl alt del ?
Swapped Lines around in switch with same results any ideas or is it just patches for all these games
Thanks for any help
ps sorry if i havent give all the info i need but first time with this
pss also on the switch notice there is a four block of slots then one by itself ?


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Model is F5D5141-5 probably a needle in a hay stack stuff like this,especially when i dont know that much?All systems running Xp service pack 2 the Amd which seemed to be the one having the most trouble i put another network card in just to eliminate any prob with onboard but still did the same,incompatability maybe but probably software considering some games worked thanks for your time any info you can give would be great .
Am going to try and get hold of another pc to see if i get the same problems arising
Regards Herb


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switch might have over heated or just has bad ports.. Get a Netgear FS105 5-ports or FS108 which I recommend. I have both 2x 5-port and 1x 8-port they have replaced 1x 8-port 2x 5-ports Linksys Switches they have 1MB of RAM for Buffer.

Give you a tip:

from the router only use one port to your switches and don't use the router ports for switches only 1 port connected to another switch is what you need.

So - modem wan to router wan, port 1 LAN to Switch port 1

Then connect all devices into the other ports 2 and up.. I recommend the netgear as you can use any of the 8 ports for all network devices and uplink ports. Daisy chain other switches.

on board NIC is okay you can test it out... Sometime the WinSocket get's corrupted! There are XP TCP/IP Repair tools with Windows an a third party one that's free to fix problems like this. If you want you can either repair services/protocols or add another NIC card into PCI or PCI-Express slots.
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