Logan Paul made a neat Game Boy Color resin table and Twitter came unglued

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Haters gonna hate: The one thing about electronics is that they are an environmental hazard that you cannot just throw in the trash. There is practically an entire industry involving repurposing old products and making something new. So if you could make a coffee table using old Game Boys (or any other gadget for that matter) and several pounds of resin, why not?

Controversial social media personality Logan Paul spent his Christmas holiday weekend on a pretty cool DIY project. He took 15 Game Boy Colors, including a limited-edition Pokémon model, and encased them in clear epoxy resin. Once hardened, he added Pokéball accents to the edges to create a unique tabletop that would fit well in any gamer's den. It even has multicolored lights around the frame that light up the Game Boys.

He posted a couple of videos to Twitter showing him making it and the final product (below). It was rather stunning, but the Twittersphere being what it is, seemed to be appalled with the project. Most of the reactions to the tabletop are profanity-strewn comments lamenting about the waste.

"He's ruining it for others by making spare parts even more scarce than they already are," said one user.

"WTF those are rare why the f*** would you destroy them like that at least use non rare gameboys," cried another.

The amount of shade thrown Paul's way causes one to wonder if it was really about how he used the Game Boys or more about the cancel culture making sure they got their licks in on a personality they don't like. After all, Paul's not the type to care what people think and has stirred up his fair share of controversy in the past. At least one tweet hinted that it was just him and not the table.

"He needs to get canceled bro he's terrible," the commenter said.

Of course, not everyone was a hater. Followers and others came to his defense.

"Thats actually sick. idk why ppl are getting mad at you," said a supporter.

"If you're crying over this just know that your life is so miserable that you're mad at someone else for having fun with his items that he purchased using HIS OWN money," said a follower.

It would have been interesting to see how people reacted had someone else posted this project. I don't personally care for Logan and his shenanigans, but I would not mind having a coffee table like that in my gaming room.

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I thought that every post that starts with "Logan Paul" was meant to invite hatred.

After all, he's an exemplary media trash (self-made, LOL).


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Twitter is like reading the toilet wall, why is Techspot making articles about it? I thought this website was above such trailer trash.

I have no idea who Logan Paul is but I watched the quick short and I think his resin table is super cool. Im a diver, I dive for a living all over the world and I see the plastic in the ocean and am more aware of the impact its having. Yes I care about it but is dragging someone on twitter (or anywhere else for that matter) going to make a difference? No, you are just being insufferable. As with Elon Musk hate, people dont actually hate these things most of the time, they want to be seen hating, following a herd like a sheep.


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I don't see the problem. He owns the materials used, he put in the work to build it and he enjoys it. Why do people think they have any say in the matter? Are there really that many entitled special-snowflakes out there?