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Assembling a DIY PC Speaker System

I was bitten by the audiophile bug at a relatively young age, however I never got around to exploring the ins and outs of audio equipment as console gaming, computers and photography consumed much of my free time over the past two decades. Recently, however, an opportunity to further tinker with my sound system presented itself and I couldn't pass it up.

TechSpot PC Buying Guide: Five price points, five killer builds

The TechSpot PC Buying Guide offers a comprehensive analysis of today's best desktop PC hardware spanning five well differentiated budgets. Starting at ~$400 for an affordable PC, followed by two well-balanced enthusiast-oriented machines, a premium high-end build, and finally a dream machine packing the baddest hardware available, period.

* Decent performance * For everyday computing * Gaming with add-on GPU
* Good performance * Fast for everyday computing * Casual gaming
* Excellent performance * Great Multitasker * Perfect for gaming
* High-end performance * Heavy multitasking * Hardcore gaming
* Workstation-like performance * Extreme multitasking * Extreme gaming