Logitech enters home automation space with Harmony Living Home line

Shawn Knight

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Logitech has officially entered the home automation space. The peripheral company hasn't created a smart thermostat or Wi-Fi connected light bulb. Instead, they're aiming to allow users to control the connected devices they already own to create a seamless experience...

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Zwave and prior to that was RF controller on all lights in my house I never use the light switch in years. Already have about 4 Harmony remotes here. All of these controllers can be pretty expensive.


I'm still waiting for affordable wireless, full colour spectrum lightbulbs. The Philips Hue was a closed system, and the LIFX bulbs are USD$129 each! Made for the wealthy, not the average home.


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I don't know if they changed it, I now have this latest update on the Harmony hub in my home. Previously it only worked with Philips HUE bulbs, but love the remote for controlling TV, DVR, PS3, Surround sound AMP, remote power socket in my living room. They are great but also expensive considering the "All in One" remotes that can probably provide about 60% of their functionality with simple IR remote programming. The new APP ui it a bit wasteful on space causing you to have to scroll through activities rather than just click one small icon with most of them on one screen.


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I got the new update on my Samsung Galaxy S4 and I only have one word to describe it : UGLY.
The previous interface was way better. I agree with Arris abou the waste of space of the new interface. I don't know if I will continue to use the app on my phone. I think I will stick with the remote.

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