Logitech updates its high-end mouse line with the MX Master 2S and MX Anywhere 2S

Shawn Knight

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Mice from Logitech’s MX Master and MX Anywhere lines are among the best currently available for non-gaming needs. Building on the successful lineage, Logitech recently announced updated versions of both units that’ll be available in the coming weeks.

The Logitech MX Master 2S and the MX Anywhere 2S feature an improved Darkfield high-precision sensor with a maximum resolution of 4,000 DPI (it can be set in increments of 50 DPI from 200 to 4,000). As you may know, Logitech’s Darkfield sensor is quite versatile and can track across a variety of surfaces including glass.

Logitech’s latest mice also get a bump in the battery department. A new 500mAh rechargeable Li-Po battery can provide up to 70 days of use on a single full charge (depending on use of course). The original MX Master that Steve reviewed in 2015 was only rated for up to 40 days on a single charge.

The MX Master 2S and the MX Anywhere 2S are both compatible with Logitech Flow, a free download as part of the Logitech Options software that lets you control up to three computers with one mouse. Logitech says you can even copy and paste content between the trio of machines.

Logitech's new pointers will be available beginning this month via select retailers and on its website in graphite, midnight teal and light grey colors. The MX Master 2S carries an MSRP of $99.99 while the travel-ready MX Anywhere 2S will command $79.99.

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I Have A MX Master and I LOVE it. Althou ppl make fun of me because when I take it around with my Surface Pro 4 there is an irony.. ultra small laptop with ultra big mouse!


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Enough little things have changed with the MX Master 2 to warrant me looking at it again... As a Synergy user I'm actually more interested in the Logitech Flow software, but I do not like any of the keyboards that are currently supported by the software...

Guess I'll continue to use my K800 and Performance MX for a while still.

Greg S

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Logitech needs a wireless version of the G502 that is professional and non-gamer styled. I like to have left/center/right and forward/back buttons on a mouse that supports side scrolling by tilting the scroll wheel.


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They need another re-skin of the MX518/G400/G400S mouse, I've loved that design, feel, and button layout for many years.


The only way my MX Master would last 40 days on one charge is by staring at it, not moving it, just staring. I'd say I'm a light to medium mouse usage per day person and I have never got more than 12-15 days before recharge. That being said, I'd say the 70 days for the 2S is more in the ball park of 15-30 days.

I've had the MX for about 18 or so months now and it's still working pretty good with no issues (except battery), but other than that it's lasted a lot longer than other mices, meeses, mouses I've tried.


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I have a 2016 MX Master, however the scroll-wheel gets stuck in free-spin within hours of use (need to pull apart the mouse to fix)

Hopefully the new version has a completely different mechanism or has properly fixed the issue.


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Also have Gen 1 MX master and love it.

You don't see 40 days out of it but as a work mouse I maybe charge it twice a month. And that basically plug in when I leave the office unplug it when I get in and good for a few weeks no complaints.

It looks pretty sexy in white. I not much of a fan with it in black unless it the black and bronze colour of the original which I love.


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I Have A MX Master and I LOVE it. Althou ppl make fun of me because when I take it around with my Surface Pro 4 there is an irony.. ultra small laptop with ultra big mouse!
I was the same, carrying around a Performance MX with my Surface Pro 3. In the end I grabbed a Anywhere MX 2. Not the same size or feel but I've grown quite accustomed to it and find it comfortable when on the go. Currently considering grabbing a 2S mostly for the dpi upgrade, but the flow software would be nice for using desktop and surface as have surface dock on my desk.