Logitech's new Bolt USB dongle boosts the security, reliability and stability of wireless...

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Bottom line: Logitech is doing more for clients using its various wireless peripherals in busy work environments with the introduction of the Logi Bolt USB receiver. Congested workspaces haven’t been a major concern over the past 18 months or so with the pandemic and all, but with many companies having already brought employees back into the office, it’s becoming more of a realistic concern.

Bolt is designed to replace standard Logitech receivers and dongle-free connections. The hardened receiver utilizes Bluetooth Low Energy Security Mode 1, Level 4, meaning all incoming and outgoing traffic uses authenticated connections with encryption. This security mode is also Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) compliant, Logitech added.

The Logi Bolt receiver is additionally said to provide a stronger, more reliable connection in congested wireless environments. According to Logitech, it provides a drop-free connection up to 33 feet away, with up to eight times lower average latency compared to commonly deployed wireless protocols in “noisy” enterprise settings.

The accessory maker further noted the universal compatibility of the Logi Bolt. They work with most operating systems and platforms including Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android and Chrome OS, among others.

Pasi Pajumäki, an IT specialist at Wolt Enterprises where Logi Bolt has been used, said the tech seems to establish a connection faster, which makes switching between a desk and a conference room smoother and more user friendly.

The Logi Bolt USB receiver is listed for $14.99 over on Logitech’s page with a “coming soon” designation. No word yet on when Logitech plans to start actual shipments.

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If its Bluetooth then why is it even necessary? Every laptop has that built-in and so do a lot of desktops now (and adapters are cheap).


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If its Bluetooth then why is it even necessary? Every laptop has that built-in and so do a lot of desktops now (and adapters are cheap).
much easier to FIPS certify a single USB receiver than it is every combo of bluetooth chips/drivers


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- Another article about something Bluetooth and no info about what version of Bluetooth. Though, incredibly, it looks like the product website doesn't tell us.

- Windows 10 or later requirement? No Windows 7. I guess a lot of you won't mind that, but...

- Will it work for non-Logitech products? Is it a real open-standards Bluetooth receiver?

- I assume it won't work with most Logitech products, current or past, as they don't use Bluetooth.

Edit: This article mentions Bluetooth, but currently the product page doesn't seem to mention Bluetooth at all. They seem to be trying to sell another generation of peripherals - Logi Bolt. Is it really Bluetooth? If it was a more secure all-in-one receiver that is open-standards low latency Bluetooth 5.1 or better that also handles legacy Logitech peripherals it might be worth considering.
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