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Jan 18, 2009
  1. Can anyone tell me a good software for creating a mmorpg.....i already know how to code and everything and i pretty much got my own team...were only 13 but we have some pretty good ideas of creating a mmorpg......we would get the software Maya or whatever but that costs like 9 grand and cant afford it. But if anyone knows a good softwar or wants to help us message me back here.
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    What kind of mmorpg do you want to create do you mean something like runescape or something like world of warcraft? Do you want to sell it or just let people play it for free? Will you make the game free but charge people a monthly fee so that you can run the servers? Or will you just have other people run the servers? What coding language/languages do you know? Do you want it to have really good graphics or graphics that everybody can run? Do you have a windows pc or a mac?

    If you don't want to charge people money for it and you want something like world of warcraft than it would be easiest to make a mod or a total conversion for a game like world of warcraft or any other mmorpg that can be moded. I’m not sure which mmorpg is the easiest to mod but you could ask around on mod sites like mod db.

    I googled best mmorpg engine and this looks helpful.


    If you need a 3d program than there are a few free ones that work pretty well.

    #1 blender. I have only tried it but I know that it is capable of doing a lot of the same things that the big programs can do. The biggest problem I had with it was its interface, it’s harder to learn than other programs but it can still make great 3d models. I think it might even be possible to make a game in the program by using python script which I think I heard it’s supposed to be one of the easiest coding languages to learn.

    #2 gmax. It is based on 3d studio max which is the 3d program that most of the gaming company's use to make their 3d models. but you can only export files to game engines that have a plug in made to export the file that the engine uses and it is only designed for making things for in games not for normal 3d animation. Because it’s based on 3d studio max its interface is almost identical so it’s a lot easier to learn

    #3 xsi mod tool. I think it’s supposed to have all of the same ability's as XSI, which is supposed to be as good as Maya, but it has limitations. It won’t let you export an object with over a certain number of polygons but it’s above what some of the game engines with the best graphics allow you to have in a character or vehicle. xsi mod tool has a pretty easy to use interface but it will still take some time to learn everything. There is a large drawback though if you use this program it is illegal to sell the 3d models or the game because of something with its user license but you can still give it out for free of charge people to use the servers.

    If you don’t really need it to have amazing graphics than any of these would be fine but blender is a full 3d program not just for game asset creation. If you want it to have amazing graphics than you should still be all right with any of them but xsi mod tool and blender are the most capable but it wouldn’t matter if you made it on an engine that dost have a good graphics engine.



    xsi mod tool

    Blender’s sites looks like it’s down so just Google blender and get the most recent version you can find.

    Oh and for texturing the 3d objects if you don’t have adobe Photoshop than try this free program called the gimp

    I corrected as many of my spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors as i could but I have always been an awful speller.
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    Aight Thanks man
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    Your welcome!
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