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Apr 11, 2010
  1. Looking for good freeware for the following purposes:

    1) Generates a report of all installed software. It would be ideal if it can somehow read the registry and also generate list of software which are no longer installed but have their traces in the registry

    2) A freeware which will allow me to capture the text displayed in error messages/dialog boxes.

    Thank you
  2. LookinAround

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    Re: Capturing text inside of a display window

    There's not a "perfect" solution for this but check out SysExporter. Freeware utility allows you to grab text data stored in certain types of windows.

    Note for the example below the text in the error window (on left) is displayed in the lower pane of Sysexporter. You could copy/paste it from there. (Note sometimes the Items column = 0 even when it has the data you want)


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  3. morland

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    Thanks LookinAround.

    BTW, and just to share: you may already know this just found a tip that for standard windows dialog boxes CTRL+C copies the text on a dialog box and one can then paste it in notepad. I didn't know that and found it to be pretty cool :)
  4. jobeard

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    WinAudit by Parmavex Services
    freeware and it is thorough and can save results in several formats including CSV
  5. tipstir

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  6. LookinAround

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    Hi morland :wave:
    oh yea.. If you're using Vista or Windows 7 it's easier to copy stuff. SysExporter helps for those still using XP

    you probably also know these tips by now also:
    Ctrl-A to Select All
    Ctrl-V to Paste
  7. morland

    morland TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 48

    Thank (again) everyone :)
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