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By TCool
Jul 5, 2009
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  1. Hi, I hope there isn't anyone here who has a problem with me doing this, if you do I apologize.

    Anyway, my name is Tim, I've used these forums in the past to get help for computer issues and I thought I would try to use them to get information of another kind. I am a current student at The Wisconsin School of Business (part of The University of Wisconsin) and I am working on a report about Wal-Mart. I have a questionnaire that I am trying to get current or former employees to answer, and I'm hoping some Wal-Mart employees occasionally stop by this forum. If you are wondering why I don't just head down to the local Wal-Mart for this, it is because I'm trying not to get all my information from one spot.

    If you are willing to help me, could you please just send me a private message answering the questions? The questions are:

    Age when you worked there:

    1. Are/Were you happy with your employment at Wal-Mart? Yes/No (no explanation needed)

    2. Do you feel you were paid a fair wage? Yes/No (no explanation needed)

    3. Do you feel you were offered adequate benefits (e.g. health care)? Yes/No (no explanation needed)

    4.As an employee/former employee, do you feel some of the criticism Wal-Mart receives for poor employee treatment is fair? Yes/No (no need to explain)

    5. Is there anything Wal-Mart could do, short of more benefits and higher wages, that would make the work environment better? If yes, what? Yes/No (please explain if you are comfortable doing so)

    6. Has Wal-Mart's image, as far as employee treatment goes, affected you in any way? If yes, how? Yes/No (Explain if you are comfortable doing so)

    7. Have your managers ever forced you to miss breaks or lunch times? Yes/No (no explanation needed)

    8. What is/was your hourly wage? (This is obviously a fairly personal question, so if you are not comfortable answering it just leave it out)

    9. Were/Are you eligible for Wal-Mart's health care plan? If not, why not? If yes, did you elect to participate in the plan?

    Thanks in advance to anyone who takes the time to help me out.
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