Looping restarts at XP splash screen regardless of drive or copy of XP

By ocod
Oct 21, 2010
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  1. This is my first thread, ever. I've always managed my own issues over the last decade, but this one has me pulling hair out.

    I walked away from my pc for a moment with IE up, something simple like facebook. When I returned IE had been terminated and some bogus anti-virus window had replaced it. I tried getting around it for a moment but impatiently went straight to manual shut down. From then on, my pc would not load windows in any form (Last known, safe mode, normal) It just reaches the first second of the xp splash screen and restarts, and forever loops this in this manner. I have a spare PC with xp pro so I tried muling it's HD and booting from it - Same thing. When I return the HD to the spare PC. It works just fine. My system will not boot pass the splash screen in any form, or on any drive. I've been creeping forums all over the web for a hint at a possible solution but I have no idea how to create bootable disks or flash bios manually.

    I'm hoping that I can eventually work this issue out here at home since I'm currently empty on funds and stuck out in the woods.

    System specs:
    MSI PM8M-V Socket 478
    Pentium4 3.0G CPU
    2x DDR400 1G RAM
    nVidia geforce 7800GS VGA

    I also have an 80GB slave drive in addition to my 40GB master. Not sure of brands atm... If there is anything I haven't listed here that might be relevant, I'll be glad to fish up the info. Thank you.

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