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Losing Internet connection under heavy usage

By donkeyramp
Apr 13, 2012
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  1. This just recently started happening to me while I was house-sitting for my sister and using one of her neighbor's open connections. Now anytime I play a game online, League of Legends, Dota2, or do something like bit-torrent, I will lose my internet connection for a minute or two, then it will come back up.

    What's scary is that when I came back home, it's continuing still. I even just upgraded my internet. But the strange part is, my other computer in the house isn't losing it's connection. So it doesn't seem like the modem or the router is the issue. I've tried a lot of the usual solutions. I've tried hardlined in, wireless, both, just wireless, checked all of the ports on the router. Nothing seems to be working.

    So my question is, is there some sort of virus I could have picked up on that open network? I wasn't doing much other than playing games and watching some live game streams. I've scanned my computer multiple times with Avast and The Cleaner. This has been going on for almost a week now and it's getting on my last nerve. Can't finish a game without being disconnected 3-10 times.

    Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated, let me know if there's more info needed.
  2. ITLogicSystems

    ITLogicSystems TS Booster Posts: 27   +7

    Sounds like you may have a bug. Boot to safe mode & surf the internet/watch a movie trailer, see if your connection gets dropped. I realize you cannot play a game in safe mode, but the streaming movie trailer should be long enough to test to see if the connection gets dropped. If it doesn't drop in safe mode - that's good. It's a windows issue in normal mode, which may mean you have some kinda bug. Post back. Thanks!

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