Lost without receiving packets

By Bolderdash
Oct 19, 2008
  1. I really have been fighting this for a few days. lets start from the beging. I was at work and commcast came to my home to install the cable internet that I orderd. after they touched my GF PC to install it it magicly turned in to a 3 and half hour deal and my GF forcing them to leave with the tech lady on the phone yelling at her and (GF>TECH) and nothing but the complete distruction of the net working abilities of my GF's pc.
    I am on my and it works fine running through the switch and we are good till I get to the pc she uses the thing is about to get thrown out the door over the balcany 3 floors down into the windshield of a 2006 pt C.. lol

    Ok heres what I have. It is a intel pro/100 VE now on xp (MCE built off XP PRO)
    It is a fresh install I gave up fighting it any more on the old install thinking it might be something to do with the registry.

    I have tested the wires the switch and the modem all work. I have set ip's and used static on routed and direct to modem, filterd and unfilterd. fire wall and no fire wall

    There was one point for about 5 minutes the day i got home after they left that I was able to get it to connect but it disapeared soon as I rebooted to try and fix the speed issue it had the down load was WAY slow and upload was right where it should be.

    My last option before I buy a new nic card is flash the BIOS and update them.
    I already hard reset them so I am totaly lost oh and ipcongif shows a Subnet of way wrong compared to the other computer and an IP thats not int he same rang but no packets are reseaved during the renew that fails every time

    release doesn't do anything but set my ip to

    Oh and on the new install of windows it tells me the winsock is messed up even though I used winsockfix ( I only used after i saw the test telling me it was bad and it didnt change anything I know but I dont know how to import registry keys

    Any help please
  2. jobeard

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    Let's see if I can summarize;
    you can use the new ISP setup on your system, but the girl friend can not.

    This isolates the issues to the GF's system.

    First I would check the drivers using the Device Mgr.
    The Network Adaptor should NOT have a yellow or red flag.
    If it does, you need to uninstall the driver, reboot and let XP rediscover/install it.

    While here, verify the make/model of the adaptor and get the version of the driver.
    Use your system to determine if there's an update for HER adaptor.

    This post will help verify access to the ISP and the DNS

    This post will help in cleaning up the TCP subsystem
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