Lot of Malware lately - svchost / temp files

By dolejh
Dec 3, 2014
  1. I am a pretty tech savvy guy and for years managed to avoid viruses and mal-ware - however lately I am seeing a lot pop onto my system. Seems like most of them come from webpages that place a temp file in %temp% and them run under svchost.exe. Anti-virus has found a few that look suspicious but not caught them. I typically find them because I monitor task manager, msconfig etc. Drives me nut that these are not being caught before getting to my system.

    Question I have is... how do I prevent applications from running from temp - or can I prevent any file from temp from accessing svchost. If the AV isn't catching these before they infect my system - what can I do to stop it? I know some version of McAfee will do this from google searches, but there has to be a setting or something I can do to stop these....
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    Are you actually having any computer issues?

    All I can tell you is to just extremely careful.
    No security program will protect you if you're careless.

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