Low FPS using a DVI cable

By BadassCyborg
Dec 26, 2008
  1. OK so i had a problem with getting a bad image with a HDTV but that was solved by getting a dual link DVI cable

    But now my FPS is capped at 30FPS or somthing in all games, desktop, everything. Fraps tells me im getting 60FPS or whatever in games, even screensaver. Ive messed round with all the settings in CCC and the TVs options, some stuttering occurs aswell.

    Ive gathered its something to do with the DVI cable because i never had the problem before and when i plug an S-video cable in and switch it to the S-video channel FPS is normal.


    It seems when i fix one problem another arises:( Please help!
  2. BadassCyborg

    BadassCyborg TS Rookie Topic Starter


    Anyone experienced this problem! Where will I have more luck finding a solution, Im feeling a little desperate to get it fixed, 30FPS and stutters in UT3 are NOT GOOD!

    Any help would be appreciated
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