Low rumble on audio

By gilloz
Aug 23, 2008
  1. I noticed recently that when I scroll a page down on any website, I can hear a very low rumble noise from the speakers as I'm scrolling. I don't recall ever hearing this before. Anybody have a clue as to what could be causing this? I have the Creative Audigy SE sound card.
  2. raybay

    raybay TS Evangelist Posts: 7,241   +10

    Could be anything... very difficult from here. Speakers go bad easily. Audio software goes bad easilyl. Could also be freedback from an optical drive or a hard drive going bad.
    My guess is speakers. Try another set as a test.
  3. gilloz

    gilloz TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 88

    Thanks raybay for your reply. Since I use Ubuntu, I thought I'd go to Windows and try it. It was there also. Another site suggested muting my Line In on my sound card. I recently was converting 33 1/3 records to MP3's and had my turntable connected to the Line In. I muted Line In and the problem appears to have corrected itself. Live and learn. Thanks again for replying.
  4. dotuletz

    dotuletz TS Rookie Posts: 16

    maybe your sound card got old. sounds stupid but it happens. i had this. switched to a new one.
    the line in gets affected easily with age on many systems. don't know if the mic & line in connectors are the problem but it is easy to buy a new one
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