Lsass.exe error on startup

By Frenzy
Dec 13, 2008
  1. ive got a problem when bootin the PC. it comes up sayin instruction terminated and memory cannot be read.

    i cant boot into safe mode either so what can i do with it?

    thanx in advance
  2. Technochicken

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  3. gbhall

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    1. Reboot into safe mode - you cannot
    2. Reboot into 'last known good' - cures many
    3. Reboot into command prompt and run chkdsk /f - cures several more
    4. Cannot very easily roll back to an earlier restore point with no working Windows to do it from (you can do it from Recovery Console on an install CD, if you have an install CD or can borrow one

    5. Do a restore-point recovery without one anyway, using a Linux boot CD and physical copies from very weird places under system volume information

    "By now I was still not certain if the problem was installed software or a virus, but hardware was less likely because under Linux everything checked out fine. My activity previous to the fault made a virus less likely than a software fault, and suspicion fell on the last thing I remembered doing - uninstall of scanner software. It looked to me as if the registry still called for some software removed by the uninstall - a driver in other words - and uninstall routines are notorious for leaving things behind capable of tripping Windows up."

    Remember, from 2004 to 2007 Lsass.exe problems were 95% the sasser worm infections.
  4. Frenzy

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    nice copy paste gbhall, thanx but tried all them, so gonna try ERD commander first, theres no way to access windows at all. ive already copied the lsass.exe from ERD commander and its not solved the problem so far altho ive not exhausted all my options yet
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