MacBook Air 2019 won't turn on when I open the lid

Hello friends. I own MacBook Air 2019. I'm using Monterey 12.3.1. My computer throws a series of errors that I don't understand. First of all, when I restart the computer manually or restart the system, I get the following error at startup. (Pop-up in Turkish guys sorry :)

(you shut down the computer due to a problem)


Sometimes I close the lid even though it is fully charged, and when I open the lid again, the system does not wake up from sleep. But I can open it by long pressing the power button. And the pop-up appears that I posted up. In other words, sometimes the computer may turn itself off when it is in sleep mode, even though it has a charge.

Why do you think these problems occur? Anyone encounter similar issues in Monterey?

I contacted Apple Support, they made the classic clichés and it didn't work. What should I do?


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I think the message "You shut down the computer due to a problem" is happening because you are holding down the power button to turn on the laptop when you might be actually forcing the laptop off, hence the error message.

To test my theory. Shut down the laptop without closing the lid or sleeping it. If the error goes away on the next boot then you can focus on the sleep settings since that is where the problem is. One other area to look at might be the laptop lid must have a switch inside that wakes the computer up. Maybe that is where the problem is. It is just not waking up the display but it is actually on.