Major bust targeting "Sparks" group results in dramatic piracy decline


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"The U.S. Chamber of Commerce estimates that in 2019 digital piracy caused $29.2 billion in lost revenue and killed anywhere between 230,000 and 560,000 American jobs."

Literally no one believes the job loss claim. Not a single industry is actually adding employees, not even the ones seeing record profits over the past 18 months.
Lol right? How in anyway is piracy putting half a million people out of the job? The companies and studios that produce this content and pay the actors and everyone involved in the movie are still making and bringing in large profits every quarter! So whose not getting paid and who is losing their job? I would really like to know.


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Soo many ways to actually "fight" piracy, the reason I say "fight" is that you can never get rid of piracy. Instead, what you could do is actually make your services consumer friendly. For example:

Give me somewhere I can buy movies at full quality in a digital format (full quality mkv would do) as a one time purchase and don't even think about trying to charge the same as you do physical formats, If you can do it with Music, you can do it with movies and TV Shows.
Stop making a million streaming services and fragmenting everything. Turning the cost up ten fold was always going to lose you paying customers.
Actually make everything available! The Mandalorian and Game of Thrones are great examples of how not to release stuff in the modern age.
Anime is also painful, another mutli-streaming services nightmare that between them still don't have all the shows people want to watch and costs 4x more than a Spotify subscription.

All I know is, this was a lot of police work and man power to arrest 3 guys. That seems like a waste of time and money to me and they should probably spend their time on tracking suspect terrorists or shut down human trafficking rings or something more substantial.
Wiser words have never been typed on the subject. Agreed 100%


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The current video content situation is very inconvenient. People don't want to subscribe to 12 services and they don't want to have to sit through unskippable ads and have to deal with DRM laden physical copies.

Digital can make things very convenient but that gets in the way of profits. It's no surprise that the categories with the least pirated content are the least segmented by exclusives.

As Gabe Newell once said, most piracy is a service problem. With the fragmentation and added cost of so many streaming services, there's hardly any incentive to pay any more (except the warm glow of knowing that a small fraction of what you pay will go to the people who make the shows you like. Probably. Assuming they're still working for the same studio and several other factors that need you to be familiar with the industry to even know about).


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Why would anyone "fight" piracy? I'm sure some CEO will mind cause he won't get every last penny on top of his billions but it's there for an average dude.

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Fighting piracy simply gives the various execs something to blame when they lose money... or when they don't make as much as they should....Law enforcement knows this, which is why they placate everyone by making a "huge arrest" every year or 2...

As a member of some "questionable" sites, I can confirm that while the arrests did disrupt releases - it only disrupted them for a few days... already, everything is back to normal... good job everyone :)
Virtual goods can’t be stolen or cause virtual damages

From the energy point of view when someone reads a book, hears a song, watching a movie or using a computer program without pay for it, it doesn’t cause any damages to anyone because the nature of the information allows it to be reproduced with ZERO cost. It’s not like a box full o gold or a car where EVERY piece it needs energy and work hours to build so when you own a piece with that you BLOCK all the others from owning that piece, so when someone else takes it then it’s a stealing because with that action he blocks the usage to the previous owner and from that reason he is causing him damage.

From the legal point of view the roots of law originate from the common practice. In other words something which is very common practice not only can’t be illegal but in that common practice it’s where the roots of legality stand. And it’s very common practice (worldwide) to read books, hear songs, watch movies and use programs without paying for them. So it’s not allowed the 100% of the population to be “pirates”. In fact to name their personality with that false term it’s an action punishable from criminal law.

Of course humanity owes gratitude to all writers and inventors and must find an efficient way (maybe zero taxes to them?) to express it with material reward but without trapping itself in socially (not all can be thieves) and scientifically (no one was born with knowledge) harmful practices .

To counter argue the cost to reproduce is never zero albeit less than the materials it takes to build a car. It still takes time and energy which are more valuable that any currency since they are finite. To expand on that when someone does a job they are expected to be paid. For example a software engineer takes 6 months writing a piece of software with the intention of selling it to support themselves or their family they are expecting to make money. Sure you can make copies and are not stealing a physical item but more so their time. I get it that some people might not think that that is a big deal so I will write it another way. Say you are at your job and then at the end of the week they tell you that you are not going to pay you and it is fine because all they took from you was time and not a physical object. Does that make it okay?

Also with stealing software you can actually block people who paid for it. An example of that is the application reaches back to a server with only so much processing power and if that server was set up to handle the load of their paying customers by stealing software you can prevent them from using what they payed for.