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Here are the suspicious activites I noticed. It is a long post, but this is VERY important to me. I want this person responsible to be arrested and sent to prison. I have been having issues with my work computer, phone, and even my gaming console. All of them have been tampered with. I have a modem, and my work computer (I work from home) freezes up all the time, and when when I go online to sign in to websites, that passwords are WRONG, or someone has changed it. Not only that, my email messages are deleted, and I had to change my passwords several time. I gaming console freezes up all the time, and it's getting worse every day.

Also, I can hear echoes on my phone when I speak, but this happens on certain occasions as I will explain below. The gaming console wifi, landline phone, and computer desktop all are connected to the modem. I am almost certain that my computer is hacked, but as to how someone is able to hack all three that connect to the modem is beyond me, but this person or group is relentless. Here are the issues.

1. Both the work desktop and the landline telephone are hooked up to the Comcast modem.
2. There is an echo (repeting of my words ONLY when speaking with either a IT security team who works for Kaiser, or a Comcast Security tech over the phone). This NEVER happens when I am using the phone for other purposes. Not even once.
3. The IT tech team at my job was given the task to scan my work computer to see if there is any malware or virus, and so far there has been no progress at all. I tried to contact them when I logged off my work computer, and as soon as the IT tech specialist answered, the echo came on, so I hanged up. I also disconnected the work desktop wire from the modem also.
4. I changed my password in Comcast and did the factory reset before I contacted the IT tech for Kaiser (before #3 in the list).
5. I received phone calls with a recording of someone speaking in Chinese, and from that which I know about Chinese dialect, it sounded like cuss words; this happened SOON after I typed out the words in Skype messaging for work, "whoever is hacking me is a pathetic loser!"
6. Everytime I began typing any word, a process in the task manager showed up that was unrecognizable, and I even did a screenshot of it to show others, and as soon as I did that, the image taken was gone all of a sudden. When I was persistent to try over and over again, my co-workers who I asked if they've seen these processes in task manager, they said that they have NEVER seen that before.
7. After I texted my co-workers regarding this process showing up every time I begin typing, the process suddenly disappeared. I checked the location of this process in a folder, and It cannot be deleted; only the IT admin can access it.
8. When I tried to ping my supervisor about these problems, everything on my computer froze.
9. We have daily meetings online via a application called, "Microsoft Teams". And each time I tried to join this meeting (which is the same time every day), I could not, it begins to freeze again.
10. The main application I use to perform my work duties on the computer requires a log in and password. It prompts me to enter my NUID, and my password; however, a completely different log in screen appeared called "windows log in", and I was already logged into Windows. It asked me for my Windows log in password, the password I enter when it shows up when first logging in to Windows. When I contacted the IT admin about this, he said, "that happens a lot, just put in your password to gain access."
11. Every time I tried to tell others that my computer and phone is hacked, the Skype status for the IT admin was in, "AWAY from desk", and he was working REMOTELY at his home. It's almost as if he was trying to trick me that he isn't behind this all because he was NOT at his desk. This happens EVERY TIME when I tell others about this.
12. I log into Windows every day, but in order to actually open any application after logged in (e.g., Lotus Notes, Kaiser websites, etc.) it requires a VPN (Virtual Private Network) and password; and NOBODY can access this but an IT admin, and even he has to get permission to control my computer remotely.
13. I registered at a website for hackers and explained them my issue to get a solution, and when I tried to log into the website to see the responses, the username or email was INVALID.
14. Here are the names of the processes that show up in task manager whenever I type out words: ISXNMHost.exe and ISXNMTraceHost.exe

(ISXNMTraceHost.exe) is from a software company called Imprivata, and the main application that I use for my work duties is from a software company called Imperva, and the two are in no way related at all. It's almost as if this person is trying to throw me off as if this is the same application when it's not.Your help is greatly appreciated. No one is else believes me, or don't care about this at all.


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