Major windows 10 auto update killed triple monitor setup

By onesmartidiot
Nov 22, 2016
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  1. Figured I would post this for others to see.

    I have a i7 system that has a few years under its belt. Started at vista, clean installed 7, held out past 8.1 to windows 10. Running one monitor on a NV quadro fx580 and two monitors on an NV GT630.

    Clean install on windows 10 pro, worked great for a few months. On 11/20/16 windows update downloaded I guess something along the lines of an anniversary update?

    Anywho, I boot up the PC one day after work and have blank screens with a curser. I read about the WIN+P trick and was able to regain one monitor.

    The device manager showed all three HP monitors, both video cards. My display properties showed three monitors, but clicking extend onto this monitor and apply would freeze the computer.

    Reinstalled drivers, went from quadro driver to geforce driver- nothing worked. System would still freeze if you tried to enable any monitors.

    The final solution was to roll back to a previous windows build. Upon doing so the PC booted into windows and my three desktop monitors lit up just as they were. My start button is back to the larger tiles type.

    I disabled windows update.

    Hope this helps, was amazed I didn't see any posts on google this last week.

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