Making an composite audio to 3.5mm audio cable

By Gflo
Apr 9, 2008
  1. i have an old composite audio and a broken pair of ipod headphones. i want to put them together to make a converter basically. i have an old tv tuner card and no way to put composite audio into my computer because i bought the computer used and the guy who had it before me lost the y adapter.

    How would i put those together ?

    thanks in advance,

  2. raybay

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  3. Nodsu

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    Just connect the wires.. On RCA side red center is right channel, white center is the left channel, both rings are the ground. On the 3.5mm side, tip is left, ring is right and sleeve is ground.

    Mind you, since you are asking the question, you will probably be unable to make a proper connection/soldering and the sound quality will suffer.
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