Making My Own PC

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Jun 25, 2008
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    Well, that computer came out in January of 1999. So, at least the Power Mac line has been extremely easy to work on for the past 9.5 years as of this post. So don't be intimidated by any of the towers since that G3 B&W and beyond.

    PCs can be just as bad as what you saw, any of the HP/Compaq media center comps of the past couple years are terribly cluttered, so much so that if you take off the side of the case you can't even see the RAM or where the hard drives plug into the motherboard.
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    benefit of building your own

    that is one of the benefits of building your own.
    it will be straightforward, and relatively easy to 1. find replacement or upgrade parts and 2. remove and replace anything.

    brands (hp, compac, gateway, etc.) will often have unique dimensions on certain parts, such as power supplies, case, motherboard size and mounts, or how the various connections line up in the back. Thus you are super-limited if you need to replace, or want to upgrade.

    but if you build it yourself, every 'specification' is basically standardized, but you have a great deal of liberty to customize the performance.

    btw: it is cool how that mac has those handles on it; makes it easier to throw it out with the rest of the trash.
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    Que Rudo.......!

    Watch your mouth young man, the US Government had those G3s classified as "weapons" for a time, an put them on a no export list. Apple of course, made an enormous Ad campaign out of that! It was disgusting to say the least.

    Well, maybe it was the G-4s, it's all so very long ago.:confused:
  4. SNGX1275

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    It was the G3s
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