Malware or virus?

By Erndea
Dec 17, 2008
  1. Yesterday my husband was surfing the internet when he started noticing our internet slowing down. Thinking that it was just high traffic on our wireless network (we have five computers connected), he ignored it and ran a google search. From then on, the problems started. Every click on a google result was clickjacked, and redirected to a different site. He checked the antivirus (AVG); the updates had been disabled and he was unable to re-enable them.
    When I started working on the computer, I googled my problem and it told me to download Malwarebytes' Malware Removal Tool. I downloaded it onto my flashdrive, and installed it onto his computer, to discover that the program wouldn't open. He downloaded Windows OneCare trial version and ran a few virus scans, only one of which came back with a result, which the program quarantined and deleted. I tried rebooting in Safe Mode on Administrator; Malwarebytes ran and quarantined at least 178 items. I restarted on the current user and got the error message "Windows can't find C:\DOCUMENTS." I was still being clickjacked, so I ran Malwarebytes on this user (it actually WOULD run this time) and it quarantined 23 items. Before I remove these, I was wondering which ones are safe to remove and which ones would screw up my system. Thank you for your time and patience in reading this!
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