Mario A.I. is aware of his environment, responds to verbal commands and can even play his own game

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Jan 19, 2015
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  1. Millions have taken control of Nintendo's top plumber in his various quests to rescue the princess or save the Mushroom Kingdom, but have you ever wondered how Mario would fare on his own?

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  3. [qoute]Mario A.I. is being used to help learn how the human brain works although such technology could also be used to build insanely awesome video games. Imagine a game in which enemies could accurately pick up on how you play, counter-act your movements and so on.[/quote]
    will never happen, most are not interested in hard games, the future of gaming is "press X" to win
  4. psycros

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    will never happen, most are not interested in hard games, the future of gaming is "press X" to win[/QUOTE]

    I'd like to disagree with you. I'd *like* to, but sadly you're not wrong. For at least the past 5 years video games seem to have fallen into one of three general categories:

    * Casual games that will run on anything;
    * Hard-core games that demand a decent gaming computer or current gen console;
    * Games that are actually casual but pretend to be hard-core. Most current FPS and third person hack n' slashers fall into that last category. Its all eye candy and minimal depth, extremely linear gameplay and no real challenge. In the case of console games the control schemes and stupid fixed cameras almost demand a dumbed-down experience with limited difficulty. If a console game is hard its only to push the cash store.
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    How awesome was it growing up when we did?
    I literally grew up with videogames, being born in 83. As they/consoles/games/technology matured so did I.
    We got to play the best games ever created.

    I remember when I got into PC gaming how I always cringed for better and better graphics.
    Now we got the prettiest , suckiest games ever.
    Banjo Kazooie is still a better game then EVERYTHING that has released in the past 10 years.

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