Medal of Honor: Warfighter crashes during "Shore Leave" mission

By maddy smith
Jan 28, 2013
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  1. My game crashes in the 'shore leave' mission.
    I kill all enemy rpg men and save my helicopter.
    the pilot even thanks me and its supposed to be over then.but it my character just sits there.nothing happens.
    many have faced this problem but I found no solution.
  2. Dawn1113

    Dawn1113 TS Booster Posts: 322   +65

    The episode, "Shore Leave", combines a beach landing, an assault on a building, then a sniper mission, if I remember correctly.The objective you describe -- supporting the air assault -- is toward the end of the third part. The mission concludes right at the very moment you describe, in fact

    I didn't experience any problems there, but it sounds like you might have a corrupt game file somewhere. Update Origin to the newest version, then do a "repair-install" on your MOH Warfighter files, if possible. If that doesn't work, then I'd uninstall both Origin and the game, thoroughly clear all remaining junk files, and do a complete re-install. Make sure you update the drivers for your GPU, as well.

    I did have some crashing with that game, but elsewhere. I repaired that by messing with the game files myself. I wouldn't suggest the same in this instance as modifications of that sort are risky and could get you banned, I think. It's a buggy game, anyway.

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