Medal Of Honor: Pacific Assault. Desktop Crashback

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Sep 1, 2005
  1. I have looked all over the net for an answer to this problem, but while I've found many people asking about it, no real concrete answers, just vague solutions, such as "Update your drivers" or "Download the patch."
    But try this one on for size:

    My son and have have EXACTLY identical computers, same motherboard, CPU, Bios setting are the same, same kind of hard drive and size, same size RAM. The only difference is that he has a Nvidia GeForce FX 5200 graphics card, and I have a ATI Radeon 9250. Both cards are 128 bit, 256 MB DDR, 8x AGP cards.

    We both installed Pacific Assault and the problem is that the computer will run on my computer with the ATI card, but not on his with the Geforce card.
    The game runs like a champ on my system with no jerkyness and with the graphics setting set to as high as they go, and the game just screams.
    On my sons computer with the Geforce card, the game starts, tries to load the game menu, and instead crashes back to the desktop with no error message. WHY?
    We have upgraded his driver to the 77.77 just released from Nvidia. Downloaded the patch from EA games. DirectX 9.0C is installed and has no errors, but we reinstalled it too. Yes, we reinstalled the game all over again. No joy. the game always does the samething on his system. Yet he is able to run all the other games we play on my system: All the Medal of Honor series, Call of Duty, and Call of Duty UO, Far Cry, Doom 3D, you name it. Only THIS game has given us a problem.
    Anyone got an answer out there? Besides the obvious: Chuck the Geforce card and buy him a Radeon like mine. Gas prices just got too high for me to be running out and buy new computer hardware.
  2. Tedster

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    It's definately a driver issue then. I would see if the manufactuer has a patch or a work around. I had to stop using ATI based cards because they simply wouldn't work well on my systems.

    Perhaps there are some patches for the game itself on EA's website. I would try there also.
  3. andylegate1966

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    Nvidia doesn't have a patch for his card other than the 77.77, nor any work arounds. However, posted right here on this forum, someone stated that they game would not work well with their Radeon 9800, yet when they put in the FX 5200 (same as my sons) the game run's fine now.
    Confusing, isn't it?
    I'd just let him play the game on my computer for now, but the thing is, we like to network and play together after we finish the singleplayer versions. I know, I'm about Battlefield 1942'ed to death right now. :giddy:
  4. Tedster

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    must not work well with open GL then.... I have NVIDIA cards in both my computers. I was going to get that game, I may hold off now.
  5. andylegate1966

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    Nvidia Control Panel

    We just noticed that with the latest driver, Nvidia has a Performance and Compatibility menu, listing TONS of different games and Pacific Assault is listed with it. Now we just need to figure out what to set to what. What should we leave as "Application Controlled" and what we should turn off. Hope this works, but it does show that the card is suppose to be fully compatible with Pacific Assault.
  6. andylegate1966

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    Problem is fixed!

    We got the problem fixed! It was another example of the solution being so obvious you don't see it.

    The original problem was the video drivers needing to be updated. But when we did that, the game still crashed back. However, Nvidia's new Forceware driver has a Profile and Performance listing that shows all the games that are set up automatically with a special profile so the game will run. Pacific Assault was listed, meaning the game would work just fine with his card.
    But we forgot one thing: While the new driver knew what to do for the game, the GAME didn't know about the driver!
    After installing the new driver, we had to uninstall the game and then reinstall it. Ran just great after that!
    So if anyone is suffering a simular problem, bare in mind that just install a new driver may not be enough. You may have to reinstall the game after you've installed the new driver.
  7. saikamal

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    Dear Friend

    The problem is with the G-card I have a FX5200 and Fasing the same problem try downloading the

    Freshdignosis and Benchmark both the cards and see wether it supports ati

    the sugesion is not to buy

    GForce vedio card and FX5200 is 128MB 64bit 400MHz

    and realtek soundcard because it dosent support EXA

    A last hope try installing nvdias latest 78.03 Drive

    BY Bradd
    if sending mail send it to both the add with subject: Game
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