Media Key troubles on PS/2 Keyboard after OS problems are solved

By MegumiChan06
Nov 16, 2008
  1. I have had my gateway desktop computer for 5 years now and recently had to have someone come fix some sticky issues with it. It involved partially reinstalling the OS (or something along the lines where the OS CD was involved). It's XP by the way.

    Everything seemed to be working fine, except when I went to use my iTunes program. The problem is with my keyboard, a PS/2 keyboard whose brand I am unsure of as it's the keyboard that originally came with the computer. I've been using iTunes for 2+ years now and the media keys on my keyboard (play/pause, stop, foward, back, ect.) have always functioned with it. I could go through playlists just fine by simply hitting the keyboard buttons.

    However, after this issue that required messing with the OS, I found that my media keys won't work with iTunes. An error message pops up and says "There is no CD in the drive. Please insert an audio CD, VCD or DVD and try again." I have NEVER gotten this message before now.

    Is there a way to adjust my settings for my keyboard to work with iTunes again either via iTunes itself or something else.

  2. purepwnstar

    purepwnstar TS Rookie

    Try reinstalling iTunes!! Or get a USB keyboard, theres a link i will post you but your gonna hav to be a little patient as i cant send you that link until i have five posts here lol
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