Meet Square, the iPhone credit card processing device

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Feb 14, 2010
  1. Ever since I was a little boy technology shows and technical magazines have carried articles about the death of cash. Whether it was Mondex, the smart card electronic cash system which was originally developed by National Westminster Bank in the UK or that cybernetic implant we were all meant to be getting in our hands that we could just swipe at tills to pay for things. I mean, there's been plenty of predications that notes and coins will vanish one day now we are in the information age.

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  2. Tekkaraiden

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    That actually looks like a very useful app.
  3. Kibaruk

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    It indeed does, although this sounds a lot like japan where people use their phones as credit cards (Or at least I saw a news report about that) and they swipe it for example in the train station to pay for the tickets and so on.
  4. Technosmurph

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    To see something like this in action watch the (canceled) ABC show "Defying Gravity"
  5. TransFStella

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    An iPhone app that does the same exact thing for free is called the TransFS Credit Card Terminal App. It lets you use your iPhone as a terminal, same as above, but it doesn't lock you into a contract with a can use one of your own choosing (meaning it will be cheaper since you get to pick).

    It's also open source, so much better for small business.

    Feel free to download for free here:
  6. Being in the credit card processing business for many years I can honestly say the sqaure is a waste of time. Rates are high (3%) and we offer a free application that you can use on many smartphones for free that cost less without a contract. There are also attachments that would allow that rate to go down even further by swiping the card.
  7. anyone know how to get in on the beta test with square up?
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