Memory Card Problems

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Aug 22, 2009
  1. Hello, I have a cardreader on my Eoson Workforce 600. I have had the printer for 10 months so the end of the warranty is coming so I want to try to get this working.
    I can read the card with my new laptop running Vista o Windows 7. On my other desktops I am running XP. I can sometimes get it to open but then no luck opening
    the files I( have 3 puters running with Xp and I can not get any of them to work.Any
    ideas? Thanks
  2. bushwhacker

    bushwhacker TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 783

    It sounds like you are trying to use the memory card reader by using the Epson Workforce 600, am I correct?

    If that so, you might miss out the important drivers, so you are advised to download the CORRECT drivers from Epson website.
  3. Trafficflow

    Trafficflow TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 91

    Memory Card Reader Problems

    I have a problem that has been ongoing without no resolution. The printer is a Epson Workforce 600 wireless printer. The problem is that Windows XP, I can not access the card reader on my printer. Long story short. I have loaded all drivers etc, and as I stated before Windows 7 and Vista can see it but not all the XP,s.I searched on Microsoft and found a issue. Number 930618. It says that it applies to XP and Vista but there is no Xp fix just a Vista hotfix. Any ideas about this issue. I have ran out of ideas.

  4. Punkid

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    so y not jst move to win7 if it works? its much better than XP
  5. Trafficflow

    Trafficflow TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 91

    I have Windows 7 on my 2 newer computers. The other XP,s are on P4,s. I agree
    with you 100%. Win 7 found the card and printer in a matter of seconds. Any other ideas? Thanks
  6. Punkid

    Punkid TS Guru Posts: 422   +7

    Are the windows XPs updated with the latest service pack?

    and also P4s can run Windows 7 pretty well , but u need atleast 1gb of RAM for smooth operation
  7. Trafficflow

    Trafficflow TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 91

    I tried the latest drivers and SP3 on one computer. No luck though. Next thing I will try is reloading Windows on one puter and see what happens. First I need to get the computer I want to use to see the hard drive. Any ideas? Will let you know if I figure anything out?
  8. Punkid

    Punkid TS Guru Posts: 422   +7

    y cant the computer see the hard drive? check the power and IDE/SATA connectors of the drive
  9. Trafficflow

    Trafficflow TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 91

    Thats all good. I moved the jumper so far. Might have to go online to look. I do not see in the bios. Working on 2 puters tonight. Laptop has a virus I think.
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