Memory dumping

By akannitaoheed
Jan 21, 2009
  1. Why would my system perform memory dumping repeatedly? I just got the system, a dell optiplex, pentium 4 with SATA HDD and win xp. While trying to run a couple of programs or burn a cd, it shows the blue screen of death, then memory dump begins. sometimes the cd drive refuses to open. I have even had to buy a new SATA HDD thinking the old one was bad.

    Can someone give me some clue to this problem as soon as possible. i shall appreciate all useful contributions.

    Thanks for your time n brain
  2. CCT

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    This is a case of where the dumps would help explain things for/to you.

    Before posting your minidumps, please read this:

    Now, to set up your XP computer to create the appropriate minidump;

    Click 'start', Right click 'My Computer', click 'Properties','Advanced' and under 'Startup and Recovery' click 'Settings'.

    Check mark: Write an event to the system log'.

    While there, uncheck 'Automatically restart' if it is checked.

    Under 'Write debugging information' select 'Small memory dump (64 kB)'. The location is default so leave it.

    When you look later for the default location it is in the c:\Minidump folder.

    To include that minidump here, you;

    Return to this thread, scroll down and click 'Manage Attachments'. Click on the Browse button, find the first minidump file you wish to attach (C:\Minidump) and doubleclick on it.
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