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Sep 17, 2008
  1. hi again i was wondering i have an older computer its a compaq 4409cl using ddr memory which cost freakin 60 bucks for a 256 mb told me that when i bought my graphics card a radeon 9550 with 256 memory that it would help with my computers mem cus im low but i dont see that happining.i paid 150 bucks for my card and the only difference i see is bein able to change the resolution really high.not to mention the my factory card is still enabled which is pci and my new card a avg and has like 3 hookups on it and i can use them i doing something wrong?i cant play games till i get more memory but i cant tell any difference watching moviesi s it because my monitor is a 23 inch or something else?
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    if u can get into u're BIOS and shut the integrated video off that will help. if u do not know how to do that right click my computer go to properties, hardware, device manager, display adapters, and see if u can disable it there. once done uninstall the drivers for the integrated video.
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    the only thing in my device maneger is my ati readeon adapters.its has to be done in bios but i dont know what to look for it says nothin about pic intergrated video or computer is about 5 yrs old.compaq 4409cl
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    but i noticed all my movies are looking kinda bright so something is not right
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    I would have laughed so hard at them if they told me that... Buying a better video card isn't going to improve overall system memory, it just accelerates 3D applications by providing dedicated video memory. They basically misinformed you to get your money...

    Anyways, like nick said, you need to make sure that your integrated video adapter (if there is one) is disabled so that the new video card will take its place. You also need to install the latest Catalyst software for the card in order for it to run properly.
  6. tweeds1

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    ok thanks ill try the update now
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