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By Predict · 4 replies
Aug 4, 2009
  1. The last couple days or weeks. My mic hasnt been as loud on my headset. I havent changed any thing at all or got any thing new. Right now the mic has to have mic boost and volume max. Before I didnt have to have to use mic boost at all other wise it would be to loud, but now it has to be max. In games like COD I no longer can talk, because my mic is to low with highest volume. Also my headset is pluged into mobo, and mobo is less then 1year old.

    Even in vent I have to turn mic on max, and still hard to hear.

    Using Vista

  2. Tmagic650

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    Try using another mic for test purposes
  3. Gordon9999

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    You have two microphone controls on your computer. If you click the grey speaker beside the "time and date" on your blue tool bar a box should pop up and you should see a microphone control and 4 or 5 other volume controls. That microphone control does not alter the sound from your mic onto the internet. It only alters the sound coming from your microphone out your speakers or headset.

    This is what you do. Click the little grey speaker then the volume control box pops up. click on "options" then click on “properties”. You should then see a green circle beside "playback". Click the green circle on "recording” which is right below playback. You should see boxs below with check marks in them. Make sure all the boxes are check marked then click ok. A "SECOND" volume control box should pop up. The microphone control you see in this list will be your main microphone volume control that controls the sound from your microphone onto the internet a.k.a video games, chat rooms, ventrillo and team speak. Make sure this microphone control is not muted or low.

    Tell me how it goes or if you have tried that route all ready. Also tell me if you “do not see a second microphone control in the “recording” list.

    Cheers, Gord
  4. Predict

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    I found out that the mic pug in on the back of the mobo isnt working correctly, so I tested it on the mic plug in on the side of the comp and it worked perfect, just if I use the one of the side then I cant use my 5.1 headphones, so I have to use the mic plug in thats in the back. Maybe I can some how clean it.
  5. Gordon9999

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    well. Take a look and see if their is dirt or anything and then take the vacum to it.

    Cheers. Let us know how it goes
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