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Mic problems

By Dmog
Jan 19, 2009
  1. Os: Vista
    Problem: All i hear is static from my mic

    Hi I have been having troubles getting my new mic to work at all. I tested it on ventrilo and made sure the output volume was turned up and the mic was not muted. When i tested the mic on vent all i could hear was static. Just to try I turned on the mic boost and tested. The test with the mic boost sounded like a dial tone when i pushed my push to talk key and tried to talk. So, then I turn the mic boost off and tried one last time. This time it worked for maybe 6 seconds then all i heard was static. Now everytime I enable then disable the mic boost it works for a few seconds then stops. I have also tried the jacks in the back of the computer where I couln't get sound through my headset. Any solutions would be much appreciated.
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