Microsoft bans XP on hybrid storage netbooks

By Matthew · 31 replies
Jun 7, 2009
  1. This is a total BS move by Microsoft. They, as a "software" company, should not have the right to change the licencing requirment on there software 8 years into the game because it dosen't fit their plans to push a newer software. Now the do have the right to discountinue a product and buy back any unsold copies to eliminate the sales of the older software. They should have to endure the use of the remaing OEM licences that they have already sold, under the licencing that was in place at the time of sale.
  2. I could not agree more! M$ is limiting innovation, but that's not news, is it? I guess it is because they are afraid that xp on hybrid ssd systems will outperform vista....That, in my opinion, is why they don't want more than 1Gb ram and no hybrid ssd system...
    I have left M$ behind me a long time ago, and have never looked back but in sheer joy...

    "Umuntu ngumuntu ngabanye bantu" - Xhosa saying.
    (People are people because of other people) And NOT because of M$ I might add!

    open source is the future, not M$!
  3. Perhaps it is you that has missed the point? I am an IT professional and am extremely tired of either having to choose from my tiny Blackberry or huge, powerful, HEAVY laptop.

    I want something that is in between. I want it to be usable and not take 10 years to load a simple application. I want it to be cheap, lightweight and easy to take with me to the beach or wherever I have to go that work may beckon me, and shaving off 5-6 pounds of a laptop and getting a decent sized keyboard, tossing aside the Blackberry all are things that IT pros would want. I think netbook fills a pretty big market gap for both noobs and pros alike.
  4. raybay

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    What people want, more than anything else, is reliabilty, combined with low cost, and high speed.
    The netbook does not appear to offer reliability nor true low cost, but with the use of Linux and a flash drive, it gets a lot closer...
    But there remains the reliability issue which no small unit provides, nor does a flash drive.
    The internet remains under the control of the big boys. Until the internet is wrested away from the economic power base, all we have are pipe dreams.
  5. Again MS strangling the market in pushing a un-tested product 7, Vista being dumped on the market with no back up or work arounds for hard ware issues left again to the manufactures to come up with the solutions , again savingMS the development of their product , admit it MS are just out to screw the world people are now the power they want what works , the Net book proves we have all been buying Laptops for years that are over spec .
    Linxus should do well the future is not MS get over it they need to take a back seat .
  6. raybay

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    Never happened before, and isn't going to happen now... Until somebody provides the leadership, the support, and the fully operational install disks, along with the adjustments to the various tools, Microsoft rules... Unix and Linux and other lost cost no-name programs are not going to find themselves sold in stores, and supported by install and repair services.

    Too bad, but that is the way it is... after 20 years, these programs which are often very high in quality and usability, are not going to make it into the mainstream.

    As long as most folks want a computer to read their email and type a letter to their broker, this is not going to change.
  7. superty12

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    MS has lost it

    People are going to want XP and we know why- XP dosn't have bad reviews, or you have to download a program to avoid going into the registry just to get it to not annoy you, and lots of other reasons. MS has lost it with this! They took a wrong turn.
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