Microsoft confirms 64GB Zune HD, discounts current models

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Putting an end to all speculation, Microsoft has officially announced the 64GB Zune HD that was leaked a few days back on its site. The device will be available for $349.99 from April 12 through, making it about $50 cheaper than the iPod touch with the same storage, while prices for the other two models have also been lowered a bit -- the 16GB is down from $219.99 to $199.99 and the 32GB from $289.99 to $269.99.

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They've sold them here in the past, haven't they? They don't anymore? Do you know why not?


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Finally, i can upgrade my 1st gen 30gb! :) By the way, you can always look for them on ebay. As a Canadian I had to purchase my zune on ebay, and I'll do it again until M$ gets back into the Canadian market. I don't want to my Crapple products. The iSore is just not my thing.
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