Microsoft dominated in OS revenue last year


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I would like to see Windows 8 giving us something more that we cannot get from Windows 7. A new set of features, new application, or something more than a few additional drivers and cosmetic reshuffling of the menu's. I was one of the few who were pretty happy with Windows Vista, but Windows 7 made some nice efforts to clean away some of the glitches that were there. There isn't a whole lot to complain about in Windows 7, so their job will be a tough on in convincing consumers to plunk down another $120 - $200 for an upgrade again.

I'm not surprised that Apple was dead last in this group. They're primarily a hardware manufacturer, and the OS just sort of comes along with a nice product. But they also charge a very fair and modest price for their OS upgrades next to these other guys, so the number of people upgrading might not be as one-sided as they appear.


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Yes windows 8 will not be anywhere near win 7. Win 7 was a 'correction' to Vista and many people were interested in that.

A good portion of OS sales come from new PC sales, so Win 8 will have that to it?s advantage. However, large corporate clients (who can buy thousands of licenses each) will probably not upgrade to Win8. Many are still on XP, will upgrade (or have already) to Win7 and won?t do it again so soon. The cost of upgrading is too high and the benefits too low to do it more than once every few years.

Win8 will be a victim of Win7?s success. Win7 is great, why change?


This is not surprising considering the market-share and the ridiculous price enough people seemed willing to pay to put the Vista curse behind them. However I'm not sure it will be as easy to fool their customers into forking over silly $ for the next round with so many equal or better options available. Especially when we add the importance of the iPhone\iPad\iOS\Android to the ecosystem - a real sore spot for Microsoft.


Yeah, I too am not surprised their criminal monopoly still has companies on the perpetual treadmill.

Microsoft will just release another shoddy product and businesses will install it, only to find out that they have to upgrade to Windows 9 to get back to what they had in Windows 7.

And you know what. The businesses are stupid enough to do it, because the person writing the check to Microsoft gets a steak dinner out of it? Who doesn't want a free steak dinner, that only cost their company several millions of dollars.


Personally, if the next improvement in windows os has something revolutionary like embedded support of the KINECT then I will pay the money and buy it even in form of windows 8 or in form of windows 7 sp2.
Imagine a world in which the computers (and their applications) can see. Isn’t that revolutionary enough? :)