Microsoft gears up for Mobile World Congress with a new HoloLens 2 teaser

Shawn Knight

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Microsoft at its pre-Mobile World Congress press reception later this month is expected to unveil the second generation of its HoloLens mixed reality headset.

Evidence supporting the device’s unveiling first arrived last month with the announcement of the event. In addition to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and CVP Julia White, technical fellow Alex Kipman – who created the first-gen device – is also on the docket.

On Monday, Kipman published a video on YouTube teasing, well… something. Nothing definitive is shown in the clip (in all honesty, it looks more like a trailer for an episode of Stranger Things) although some believe it could point to a new CPU (maybe the Snapdragon 850 or the XR1) or perhaps the inclusion of carbon fiber, a lightweight and sturdy building material that would make the headset more comfortable to wear (albeit at a cost).

The word “Barcelona” flashes quickly at the end of the video, letter by letter, as well as a sequence of numbers that may or may not be some sort of hidden message (they’re probably just the date of the event, 02-24-19). With any luck, we should learn more in less than two weeks.

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Sigh. Typical Microsoft advertisement. They try so hard to be cool but fail to get the message across. What are they trying to sell? They have some really good products (for example, Windows Phone) but their ads never do the job. You have to give it to Apple for being capable of market anything they come up with, even at premium prices.