Microsoft+HTML: The antidote to iOS and Android

By Archean
Jun 15, 2011
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  1. Software is increasingly king in mobile, just like it is on the desktop. The winning strategy in this software-centric world is one that puts software developers first.

    Survey results released as part of 2011 Developer Economics Mobile App Developer Survey states the ominous lead of Android as development platform. However, Windows Phone is the surprise here, getting the second place behind Android on which developers expect to invest.

    Another interesting aspect was almost one third developers earn <1k for a application.

    According to Matt Asay:

    What Microsoft needs to do now is to lead it, by bringing its tooling to mobile web development. This will only work, however, if Microsoft gives up on the need to directly monetize mobile operating systems and, like Google, finds revenue "higher up the stack."


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