Microsoft: Kinect will outsell the iPad


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Microsoft is expecting the Xbox 360 Kinect motion-sensor gaming accessory to sell millions this holiday season and is being rather optimistic when asked about the device's chance of success. "The preorders have been really strong," a Microsoft spokesperson told Gamasutra. "As far as what we're looking at for holiday, this is going to be stuff that'll blow a...

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It should happen, but I also say no one should be surprised that it could. There are far more people with Xbox 360's that will simply buy it to have it.


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I think Microsoft's market for Kinect is way smaller than what they estimated it to be. Nintendo have obviously snagged a great deal of potential customers from the Kinect. If Microsoft would've utilized motion-sensing technology before Nintendo, I don't think Wii would've been so successfull either. But now with Kinect at our doorstep, I reckon Microsoft have to come up with something great for it to be a commercial success.


This year, cars will out sell bananas.

The comparison what will out sell more Kinect or iPad is completely pointless. Its a pissing match between 2 year olds.


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I agree, ridiculous comparison. What Kinect needs is some REALLY good games. Otherwise, whats the point?


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The fact is the only comparison is the sales rate of something popular. The fact that the devices have nothing in common did not occur to them I guess. Unless they just are talking about the basic concept of a very new product uptake by the masses.

I'm waiting for more games before I buy into it, although I only really want it for the basic update to console inteface with the system.


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Emin3nce said:
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