Microsoft preparing to launch Zune-like smartphone?

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Matthew DeCarlo

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Microsoft's long-rumored and ever-denied "Pink" phone project is surfacing again. Speaking to clients today, Jefferies & Company analyst Katherine Egbert said that Redmond is preparing to launch a Windows Mobile 7-based handset. Egbert claims that the software giant will introduce a "Zune-like phone" within the next two months -- possibly at February's Mobile World Congress or CTIA in March.

It's said that the device is probably the result of an OEM partnership like the one between Google and HTC, who manufacturers the Nexus One. Egbert believes the Microsoft-branded smartphone will feature a five-megapixel camera, some kind of music subscription model, and will support 720p HD video. Unfortunately, there is no insight on how much the phone will cost, or which carriers might offer it.

The analyst does note, however, that the device would effectively be the "third screen" (along with Windows and the Xbox) and final component in Microsoft's "3 screens and a cloud" strategy. If all of this is true, Microsoft deserves a round of applause for keeping the device under wraps.

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I hope the cpu in it is fast enough to make the phone work. My current older htc polaris doesnt come out of standby until about 4 rings leaving me 3 to pick up. Performance is the major factor for me when it comes to picking a smartphone having had the slow polaris and my sometimes slow 3G iPhone. I want a fast device goddamit!!


The Zune phone is all very good. But what happens to the Windows Mobile phones of today? Do we trash them?

What if you're buying a phone? Avoid a standard Windows Phone which it seems will be obsolete with the arrival of the Zune phone?

Is Microsoft ending the standard Windows Mobile Phone 6.5 / 6.6? Is it the end of the line for this phone OS?


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This would be awesome :) . I have both an Ipod and Zune and much prefer the latter. I would very much be interested in a Zune smartphone. Just curious how it'll stack up against already established smartphones like the Iphone.


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These always seem to come out after I buy a phone and get stuck in a contract! :)

I've read rumors from Microsoft whom said that in this version they plan to make it much more consumer friendly than the previous phones - which were geared towards the work force. I've heard some unofficial news form MS employee's that this new phone is better than what's available from a company named after a fruit. And similar to Google, they're making the OS available to other hardware vendors so expect a hundred or so different hardware options for you to find the one that you like.
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