Microsoft rumored to be announcing a new Surface in June

Dave LeClair

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A seven-inch version of Microsoft's Surface tablet, as well as some tweaks to the other sizes, could be announced by the company in June, according to a report from DigiTimes. Microsoft is holding its Build developer conference at the end...

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The Surface is supposed to be a tablet that is equally as good at content creation as consumption. But a 7inch tablet would make for a very small attached keyboard and it's definitely more into 'e-reader' size and good for only consumption. That means they going to be closely compared to the iPad mini, Samsung's Note 8.0 and the cheaper Kindle/Nook/Nexus 7 tablets.

Good luck MS, you're jumping into a pretty saturated market. I hope they have something to separate themselves from the crowd...Besides colorful tiles that is.
Since initially, Microsoft gave the final versions of Windows 8 and Office 2013, (RTM versions) it is logical that the entire world of software the condition of Microsoft regarding its lack and need for creativity, because they gave to Manufacturers an incomplete sets of Final versions to eventually provide a better presentation for the ugliness of their icons and surfaces (in other word, they made ugly the software in purpose) ... Microsoft are not aware at this point that they buried themselves in the **** when they decided to hide Windows Concept version for a future release ==> , it seems that they have not people that inform them how youth and students recommend and prefers to purchasing apple equipment's.


The keyboard on the Surface right now is so small I can barely use it and they want to make it smaller. I only use the keyboard if I absolutely have to because it is such a pain.


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So, after all, there is one more product niche where Microsoft hasn't failed yet, but they will take care of that in a hurry, won't they?