A seven-inch version of Microsoft's Surface tablet, as well as some tweaks to the other sizes, could be announced by the company in June, according to a report from DigiTimes. Microsoft is holding its Build developer conference at the end of the month, so that would seem to be the most logical time and venue for the company to present the latest iterations of its tablets.

The report also indicates that Microsoft is taking a less aggressive stance in terms of the quantity of tablets built. Because the company only sold 1.5 million first-generation tablets, it makes sense that they'll want to start with that many second generation models to see how they sell. DigiTimes' supply chain source claims Microsoft has ordered components for 1-1.5 million units of the new tablets.

According to the latest rumors, second generation Surface tablets will feature seven through nine inch models, as those seem to be the most popular sizes for tablets. The previous generation was focused on larger 10.6-inch devices, which could have been a contributing factor to it not meeting the sales goals of Microsoft.

An announcement in June would come just about a year since the first generation Surface devices were unveiled. In addition to the new tablets, Microsoft is expected to focus on Windows 8.1 and the steps it has taken to adapt the operating system to smaller screens.

The company is also expected to reveal the next generation Xbox on May 21, so pairing that with a new tablet lineup right after would generate a great deal of hype and attention for Microsoft.