Microsoft says Windows Phone 8 will 'evolve' with coming updates

Matthew DeCarlo

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If you've invested in a new Windows Phone 8 device and you're worried about being left high and dry when the next major operating system update arrives, Microsoft's Greg Sullivan says you can rest easy. Speaking to PCMag and others...

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Hmmmmm I remember hearing this when I bought my WP7, Well good thing for me was contact ended after 2years (and seeing little improvement in apps I wanted to use) switched to Galaxy S3 with android, I must say I never regret doing it either.


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Back in 2010, I bought my Android 2.1 phone that was abandoned (update ceased) six months after the purchase. Last year, I bought my Android 4.04 tablet (IdeaPad) that has not been updated yet to Jelly Bean; Grrrr...

Late last year, I switched to WP8, so this is an awesome news.
I guess I could get all cynical on MS, but in this case don't feel like it. Whatever their flaws, MS put together an excellent phone and even if my Lumia 920 is out of date at some point, it's still an incredibly excellent phone. I look at people with their iPhones and I just about feel like Dirty Harry when I pull out the Lumia. Even my iPhone-totin' girlfriend admires it. Nothing shocking about a phone that doesn't upgrade, especially when the hardware doesn't support it.


I tried using a windows phone recently in a mobile phone shop. Went in open minded and witht he view that it could be an option to change to from my Galaxy s3 phone. And... I wont be changing any time soon. I wont go on too much as most of the stuff I dont like about Windows phones is personal taste stuff but (in my opinion) the UI rearly sucks. The phones look garish (Nokia) in their putrid colours and the quality of apps appears to be wanting to say the least. I AM open for change if something better comes along (including Apple) but there is a reason Microsoft are a distant third in the smartphone market(well several reasons) with the main one being no more room for the eco system. People are part (and have been part) of the IOS and Google Play eco systems for years and have money tied up in apps, music, movies and all sorts of stuff. They dont want to change period. Whilst this is not the only reason tech companies are employing staff to develop for IOS and android shunning Blackberry and Windows mobile. Check the development figures for apps these days. I dont know anyone with a windows phone(my GF knows one person). Windows Phone is not an option for me although Microsoft will inevitably bankrupt themselves by backing it to the end. Failed product