Microsoft simplifies Windows 8 EULA, rewrites terms


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Microsoft's Windows EULA (end-user license agreement) has traditionally consisted of posterior-covering blobs of legalese. According to ZDNet though, with Windows 8, Microsoft has completely rewritten the agreement in "plain English". Also, for the first time, the EULA allows for legally……

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Woah, an EULA that doesn't look like a **** ton of lawyer jargon.. what a refreshing change hah.


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Maybe I can understand this one! All the other agreements, I just had my cat step on the space bar. So legally, all my software is signed by Fluffy... take her to court! :p
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We'll see how effective the new strategy is. Gotta say, MS sure sends mixed signals about its feeling toward its own users. Wasn't there something about the MS billionaires preferring that pirates at least run Windows?